Senior Portraits

Your senior picture is how you will be remembered by your classmates for years to come!

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Don’t know when you should have your senior portraits done? You can really get them done any time during the year but, particularly if you want an outdoor shoot, some months may be better than others for you. Here are some things to think about.

Early in the summer prior to your senior year is perhaps the best time for senior portraits. Beautiful greenery, flowers, and blossoming trees together with pleasant weather makes outdoor shoots a real joy at this time of year.

Mid to late summer is also a good time for outdoor shoots, but hot days—especially afternoons—can become uncomfortable. (And no one wants to be a sweaty mess in their senior portraits, right?) So, it’s best to schedule outdoor shoots for the morning or evening during July and August.

During early fall, pleasant temperatures return and the greenery persists, but you will probably be more busy with school. As the days get shorter there are fewer evening hours in which to shoot by natural light.

Mid to late fall brings autumn colors and cooler temperatures. If you like earthy tones and long sleeves, this may be the right time of year for your outdoor portrait.

Few people want to do outdoor shoots in the winter but maybe you love the cold and snow! This is an ideal time for indoor shoots, of course.

Early spring is another time to consider an indoor session as the outdoors are typically still more brown and grey than green and beautiful. But if you’ve been putting it off and still want to get them done in time to send out graduation announcements, don’t wait much longer. Appointment slots can fill up quickly.
In late spring, Mother Nature becomes cooperative again, but your schedule will likely pick up too. Time will be quickly running out if you want your portraits done in time for your graduation announcements to go out.