Preparing For Your Session

Preparing your Children / Family

Coordinated colors. Consider nap times. Bring non-messy snacks (avoid candy.) Bring a favorite toy or two. Prepare the day before.

Babies – blankets, props (rattles, old pocket watch) multiple cute outfits, diaper covers, diapers for necessity (cloth diapers for style)


Darker is usually better. Solid colors. Avoid bright colors. Matching. Same tonal range. No patterns. Avoid words and prominent logos. Be comfortable. Have choices. (Look at multiple outfits as one large outfit.) Appropriate footwear and accessories. Consider ironing and keeping clothes on hangers. Long sleeves are preferred. Classic styles are usually better. (think parachute pants.) For business portraits: men bring multiple ties. Frame your face (turtlenecks for long necks, scoop tops for short necks.)


Your normal style. Don’t make any big style changes before the shoot. Men should shave and trim carefully. Bring your hair styling products and tools. Haircuts should be at least 1 week before. Showcase your face. Cute clips and headbands can work with kids.


Get professional advice on colors. Foundation much match skin tone. Natural colors. Don’t overdo it. Not too much bronzer. ┬áBring makeup along. Don’t use makeup with sparkles or SPF… Avoid shine. Use matte makeup.

Jewelry & Accessories

Bring different options along. We don’t want to overdo it. Whatever comes naturally.


Props are good… they should reflect your interests or profession.

Musical instruments, motorcycle, Sports uniform/jersey/equipment, hats, leather jacket, hobby items


Posing ideas, retouching requests, plan your prints.

The day before (good rest, hydrate, no alcohol, prepare outfits)