Headshots aren’t just for actors and models. Corporate executives, company owners, artists, bankers, businessmen, real estate agents, musicians, and sales professionals have all found that they are a fresh alternative to the classic business portrait and one of the most effective marketing tools you can invest in.

Are you a looking for a job? In this difficult market, investing in a great headshot can reap huge dividends. Your potential employers may be screening hundreds of resumés and, if you don’t grab their attention, you risk going unnoticed no matter how well qualified you are. Attaching a headshot to your resumé or CV is the absolute best way to make it stand out and leave a lasting good impression. It could be the difference between getting the job and getting lost in the pile.

I’ll tell you a secret: a great headshot is all about expression. With my direction and guidance—and maybe some coaxing and cajoling—you’ll present a subtle, natural, confident expression and the result will be a headshot that leaves people feeling like they just have to meet you.

Schedule a headshot session with me today. Get ready to stand out, grab some attention, and give your career a boost!